the high temperature oxidation behavior of hot

Cycle oxidation behavior and anti-oxidation mechanism of

Apr 10, 2018 · The objective of the present work was to investigate the high temperature oxidation behavior and anti-oxidation mechanism of the hot-dipped aluminum coating fabricated on

Cyclic Oxidation and Hot Corrosion Behavior of NickelIron

Feb 01, 2018 · The high temperature oxidation and hot corrosion behavior of nickeliron-based superalloy are studied at 900 ° and 1000 °C. The significant role of alloying elements with respect to the exposed medium is studied in detail. The mass change per unit area was catastrophic for the samples exposed at 1000 °C and gradual increase in mass change was observed at 900 °C for both the Effect of Arsenic and Copper Arsenic on High To avoid surface hot shortness of CMn steels containing arsenic and copper+arsenic, high temperature oxidation behavior of the steels were systematically investigated. The results showed that the presence of arsenic and copper+arsenic accelerated oxidation degree of CMn steel.

High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of CM-247LC Nickel

The effects of Aluminum addition on the oxidation behavior of CM-247LC Nickel base superalloy were investigated under high temperature isothermal oxidation test at 1000°C in the dry air. In this study, we explored the difference and observed the micro-structure of oxides, gamma matrix as well as gamma prime precipitate, and further studied the impact of high temperature oxidation behavior and High temperature oxidation behavior of Ni-based superalloy Dec 20, 2016 · The oxide scales in multiple areas are spalled under the action of thermal stress, it may provide the channels for oxygen to diffuse into the matrix, accelerate the oxidation process and reduce the resistance of high temperature oxidation. The high temperature oxidation resistance of superalloys should be attributed to the chemical compositions of the superalloy, especially the contents of

High-temperature oxidation behavior and mechanism of

Dec 01, 2020 · According to the oxidation kinetic curves, the specimens processed under 167 J/mm 3 shows relatively good high temperature oxidation resistance while the specimens processed under 104 J/mm 3 and 76 J/mm 3 are severely oxidized. The drop in LED has a significant negative impact on high temperature oxidation resistance of the SLMed Inconel 625. (4) The Effects of Grain Size and Twins Density on High Sep 19, 2020 · processing on high temperature oxidation behavior of nickel-based superalloy GH738 at 700 C is investigated. The result shows that LTB specimen has the best high temperature oxidation resistance owing to the formation of nano-grains and higher twins

The Effect of S and Mn on the High-temperature

ance. Therefore understanding the oxidation behavior of steels and spallation behavior of the oxide scale during hot-rolling and controlled scale removal processes are some of the most important issues in the steel making industry. The oxide scale formed during the high temperature process is usually removed from the steel surface by means

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