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Unlike most NEMA contactors, AF NEMA contactors are IP20 rated, eliminating the need for additional safety housing. With ABBs AF NEMA contactors, you get simple NEMA selection, small dimensions, and finger-safe accessibility. Ranging from sizes 00-8, we print the NEMA size on the contactor so its clear and easy during selection and installation.

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5Suffix shown for this voltage is part of Product Number in magnetic starter-contactor listings. Contactor DC ratings NEMA Size No. of Poles in Series Continuous Current Rating Interrupting Ratings Inductive Amps @125V Inductive Amps @250V Noninductive Amps @125V Noninductive Amps @250V N.O. N.C. N.O. N.C. N.O. N.C. N.O. N.C. 00 1 9 2.5 2.5 0.6 ECN01, ECN02, ECN05, ECN06, ECN07 AN16, AN56, Auxiliary Contacts Open type starters will accept up to 8 NO or NC auxiliary contacts (4 for Size 8) includes holding circuit interlock. Enclosed contac-tors and starters will accept up to 4 NO or NC auxil-iary contacts up to Size 1 in NEMA 1 enclosures. For larger sizes and other NEMA type enclosures, up to

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NEMA Contactors & Starters 33-127 33 Freedom, Full Voltage Enclosed Product Family Overview Cover Control Non-reversing Flange Control Kits For on-the-job conversion of Type 1, 3R, 4X and 12 enclosed starters. Knockouts are provided on the Type 1 ange. Type 3R, 4X and 12 have prepunched holes with removable hole plugs. Factory Installed How do I select a contactor or motor starter?NEMA contactors and starters are not din rail mounted. If you are looking for an enclosed starter, NEMA is the most readily available in a box. IEC - This is an international standard that has been seeing increased usage in the U.S due to it's cost effectiveness. IEC contactors and starters are generally smaller/more compact then NEMA devices.

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When your application calls for compact contactors rated in NEMA standards, our Bulletin 300 NEMA contactors and motor starters provide a space-saving and cost-effective alternative for applications that require NEMA-rated motor control. NEMA Bulletin 300 Line Enclosed Contactor and Starter Bulletins 300, 305, and 309 Contactors and Starters, 3-PoleType 1 Hinged Enclosure with or without Control Transformer 10 Bulletins 300, 305, 309, 302, 303, 306, 307, 312, and 313 Contactors and StartersType 1 General-purpose Painted Enclosure 11

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NEMA Reversing Contactor Size 1 Installation Guide Pub. 50161 IT. NEMA Reversing Contactor Size 2 Installation Guide Pub. 50171 IT. NEMA Reversing Contactor Size 3 and 4 Installation Guide Pub. 50181 IT. NEMA Reversing Contactor Size 5 Installation Guide Pub. 50142 IT. NEMA Non-reversing Starter Size 00 and 0 Installation Guide Pub. 50152 IT. NEMA Contactors and Starters - CescoNEMA Contactors and Starters 28.1 Freedom Series Product Selection Three-Pole Contactors Type CN15/CN55 NEMA ContactorsNon-Reversing and Reversing Magnet CoilsAC and DC Contactor coils listed in this section also have a 50 Hz rating as shown in the adjacent table. Select required contactor by catalog number and replace the magnet coil alpha

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How do I select an enclosed Freedom NEMA starter? Where do I set the dial on a Freedom C306 overload for 1.15 service factor motor? What are the replacement coils for the Citation family of contactors and starters, C10, A10 family? What is the Catalog number of the Contact Kit for a Citation NEMA size 1 1/2 starter or contactor? NEMA Motor StartersNEMA starters A versatile line of starters and industrial applications DIP-switches and the FLA dial allows for . a wide range of adjustment (4:1). These features eliminate the guess factor for application requirements. Together these can result in a reduction in inventory needs by as much as 40% and still address multiple applications.

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NEMA Space-saving Contactors and Starters Specifications Summary of Changes This publication contains the following new or updated informatio n. This list includes substantive updates only and is not intended to reflect all changes. Topic Page Reformatted document throughout Removed Size 49 standard contactors and starters throughout NEMA and Definite Purpose Contactors and Starters Type S lighting contactors electrically held and mechanically held available with disconnect switches or PowerPact circuit breakers. Definite Purpose non- reversing contactors available as compact 1 or 2 pole to 40 A and 2 to 4 pole to 90 A. Reversing and Starter Configurations also

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NEMA Contactors and Starters Freedom Series Short Circuit Protection When you turn to Eatons products, you turn to quality. The International Standards Organization (ISO) has established a series of standards acknowledged by 91 industrialized nations to bring NEMA vs IEC Motor Controls & Rating:How to Select the NEMA largely has its base in North America, with some presence in some parts of the world. The presence is mostly in areas with large U.S. influences, like U.S. companies based in the Middle East. Over several years, many companies have shifted from NEMA-style contactors and starters to IEC ones. The conversion has leveled off by market segments.

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NEMA sizes 009. Non-combination with NEMA contactor and electronic overload relay with optional communication module. Vertically arranged available with the Bulletin 505V in sizes 05. Available with metal enclosure:Type 1, 3R/12, 4/4X stainless steel, and 7 & Siemens NEMA Motor Starters - State Motor & Control Siemens Siemens (Furnas) Nema Motor Starters. Item Number 14BP12AC81. Part Number 14BP12AC81. Overview. Documents. Product Description :Siemens (Furnas), 14BP12AC81, 1PH, 9 Amps, Nema Size 00, 220-240/440-480V Coil, Bi-Metal Heater Overload, Nema Motor Starter, No Enclosure Learn More. $0.00.

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Customizable with hundreds of combinations of contactors, starters, combination starters, pump panels, two-speed starters, reduced-voltage. starters, enclosure options, and accessories. Serviceable by replacing contacts and coils rather than replacing the. entire product; simply service the part that is Squared(id:4888250) Product details - View Squared from 8536sao12v01s starter 600vac 9amp nema +options squared 8536sao12v02 starter 600vac 9amp squared 8536sbov02 starter squared 8536sch3v08h20 "starter sz-1 208v, solid state o.l., 3rá" squared lp2d0901bd reversing contactor - 0-12amp dc d line squared lr2d1312 overload relay squared lr2d1512 overload relay squared

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Starters NEMA 300/400 Line Full Voltage Starters A complete offering of full voltage non-reversing, reversing, and multi-speed contactors and motor starters. A proven product line for the toughest industrial applications What's the difference between NEMA and IEC motor starters?May 07, 2021 · Although sometimes referred to as contactors, motor starters actually consist of a contactor and a thermal overload relay. The contactor is an electromechanical device based on a coil and a set of contacts. When the coil is energized, it closes the contacts, allowing current to flow from the supply to the motor windings.

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2 Only available on AN56 reversing starters. 3 NEMA Sizes 00 and 0 only. 4 NEMA Sizes 00 and 0 only. Sizes 18 are 24/60 only. 5 NEMA Size 5 requires the use of CTs with 1-5A OL relay. A N 1 9 A N 0 A 5E 005 Device Type A = Starter C = Contactor Contactor Frame Size 1 NEMA Size Continuous Amperes A= B= D= G= K= N= S= T= U= V= 00 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 18 27 45 90 135 270 540 810 1215

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