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May 04, 2018 · A Glossary of the most common mining terms. Published at May 4, 2018, in Investor 101. Banded Iron Formation (BIF):Iron formation consisting of alternate silica-rich and iron-rich layers. Bankable feasibility study (BFS):A BFS represents a base case for financiers. A positive BFS is one that satisfactorily provides all of the information

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Nov 19, 2013 · A huge list of welding terms! Active Fluxes Active fluxes produce changes in weld metal chemistry when welding is changed.Active fluxes are restricted to single or minimal multi-pass welding. Acceptable Weld A weld that meets the applicable requirements Actual Throat The shortest distance between the weld root and the face of a fillet weld. An Alchemists Glossary of Terms, Definitions, Formulas A class of mineral solids which, in powdered form, were commonly used as pigments. Their colors varied from yellow to brown, including reddish hues. Chemically, the ocheres are Iron Oxides, or mixtures of Iron Oxides, in varying states of hydration. For example red ochre is primarily Fe 2 O 3. Silicates, Carbonates, Sulfates, etc. also were

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Call Center. An operation combining human, technical and physical resources to field inbound and/or place outbound phone calls. Call centers support a number of different industries and functions, and often handle contacts via channels beyond the telephone, including email, Electronics GlossaryElectronics Glossary A quick reference guide for electronic terms and abbreviations. The field of electronics, like other areas of science and engineering, employs a wide range of technical words, abbreviations and symbols. Electromagnet - A coil of wire usually wound on a soft iron or steel core. When current is passed through the coil a

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A. AC:Alternating Current ACBM:Acronym for "asbestos-containing building material." Account classification:The way in which suppliers of electricity, natural gas, or fuel oil classify and bill their customers.Commonly used account classifications are "Residential," "Commercial," "Industrial," and "Other." Suppliers' definitions of these terms vary from supplier to supplier. Glossary Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki FandomThis glossary offers quick definitions of terms used in discussing the Marvel Cinematic Universe and this wiki. Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America:The First Avenger. Cryostasis. A state of preservation in deep-freeze conditions. The definition is commonly used between humans to talk about extraordinary tall subject.

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Stony Iron A meteorite that contains regions resembling both a stone meteorite and an iron meteorite. Sunspot Areas of the Sun's surface that are cooler than surrounding areas. The usually appear black on visible light photographs of the Sun. Sunspots are usually associated disturbances in the Sun's electromagnetic field. Supergiant Glossary of Basic Firearm Terms The Range 702

    • ACP. This is an abbreviation for Automatic Colt Pistol, which is a caliber specification of a Action. The operating mechanism on a firearm that presents the cartridge for firing, removes the Ammunition. Also referred to as ammo and measured in rounds, ammunition is what is loaded into AR. Although this term is sometimes incorrectly used as the abbreviation for assault rifle, it Assault Rifle. Often used by the military or police, this is the technical term for a selective-fire rifle Automatic. An automatic firearm chambers, fires, and ejects multiple cartridges with a single pull of Ballistics. The science of cartridge discharge through an examination of the launch, flight path, Barrel. This term refers to the long tube-shaped part of a firearm. It provides an exit path with Black Powder. Also known as gunpowder, black powder differs from smokeless powder because it Blank. As the name suggests, there is no bullet in a blank. Instead, the round is loaded with black Glossary of Petroleum Industry Common TermsGlossary of Petroleum Industry Common Terms & Symbols. A. Abel tester:A closed-cup flash tester for kerosene and other oils. Absolute pressure:Total pressure equal to gauge pressure plus 14.7 lbs./sq. in at sea level. Acidity:

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      Jun 26, 2019 · Every industry has sub-industries and the terms used within them can be as confusing to someone in another sub-industry as another. Trying to understand various machine shop terms can become a headache. That is why we have put together this post to list a glossary of the most common machine shop terms. Machine Shop Terms. Abrasive Wheels Glossary of Mining Terms - SECHematite - An oxide of iron, and one of that metal's most common ore minerals. High grade - Rich ore. As a verb, it refers to selective mining of the best ore in a deposit. High-grader - One who steals rich ore, especially gold, from a mine. Hoist - The machine used for raising and lowering the cage or other conveyance in a shaft.

      Glossary of Pipe Fittings - Pipe Fitting Glossary of Terms

      Glossary - This page provides you the glossary of pipe fittings, pipe fittings glossary, pipe fitting glossary of terms, pipe flanges terms glossary, pipe fitting glossary of terms, glossary of pipe flanges, glossary of pipe fittings terms. Glossary of Sewing Terms National Sewing Circle Jan 17, 2014 · Glossary of Sewing Terms:Appliqué:The process of stitching a piece of fabric to another piece of fabric, and sewing close to the edges of the shape. Typically cut into a fun shape and then fused in place and sewn around the edges of the shape. Used frequently on quilt blocks.

      Glossary of Steel Construction Terms Worldwide Steel

      Glossary of Steel Construction Terms. Basic Terms and Descriptions:Accessory:A building product which supplements a basic solid panel building such as a door, window, light transmitting panel, roof vent, cupola, soffit, wainscot, overhang, etc. Agricultural Building:A structure designed and constructed to house farm implements, hay, grain, poultry, livestock, or other agricultural products. Glossary of Terms - Options TradingOptions Trading Glossary of Terms The basic fundamentals of options trading are relatively easy to learn, but this is a very complex subject once you get into the more advanced aspects. As such it's no surprise that there is a fair amount of terminology and jargon involved that you may not be familiar with.

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      Glossary of Terms . Jump to Letter Basis points (BPS) are units that equal 1/100 th of 1% and are commonly used to calculate changes in interest rates. For example, a change from 3.50% to 3.75% is an increase of 25 BPS. iron butterfly. An options strategy that is created with four options at three consecutively higher strike prices. The Glossary of maritime terms - PortsLO-LO - Lift on, lift off; a container ship in which containers are lifted on or off by crane as opposed to Ro-Ro. LONG TON (LT) - 1,016.05kg or 2,240 pounds. LOOKOUT - A member of the crew stationed on the forecastle, bridge, or in the case of sailing vessels, the

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      Manufacturing. Glossary of Key Terms. 360 Brass - Alloy 360 or Brass 360 is an alloy mixture of copper and zinc. Brass 360 is known both for it's strength and resistance to corrosion. It also contains a small amount of lead, which is what makes this alloy very machinable. In the half-hard condition, Brass 360 (Alloy 360) properties are very Metals, Casting, & Foundry Glossary Reliance Foundry Co

      • Casting ProcessesMetalsOther Foundry Process TermsCentrifugal casting:
        Casting method in which a reusable mold is rotated at high speed to force molten metal against the inside walls. Centrifugal casting allows castings to be formed at almost any length or wall thickness without the use of a core. Finished products are free from parting lines, gates and risers. Centrifugal casting is ofteDie casting:
        Casting method in which molten metal is injected into the mold (or die) under pressure. Two hardened dies are pressed together to form the mold cavity. Once the injected metal has cooled, dies are separated and the casting ejected. Die casting can achieve high dimensional accuracy, intricate detail and smootInvestment casting:
        Casting method typically used for intricate pieces that require a high degree of accuracy with minimal machining. It can be used to create products with smooth surfaces and no parting lines. Due to high setup costs, investment casting is most suitable for high-volume production. The steps of investment casting The 3D Printing Glossary of Common Terms and Acronyms
        • PartsProcessSoftwareMaterialsExtruder
          A lot of 3D printer users consider the extruder the most important part of their setup, and with good reason. The extruder is where the material is fed into, heated up, and moved within the X, Y, and Z axes to print the layers of your object. They are heat sensitive, requiring both a minimum temperature to keeX, Y, and Z axes
          These are the planes of space that your 3D design will occupy. The X axis is the side-to-side, the Y-axis is the up-and-down, and the Z-axis is the depth. If youre having a traumatic flashback to high school geometry class, dont worry, youll have plenty of help deciding the measurements during your design pPrinter Bed
          This is an area of your 3D printer you will need to maintain especially well because this is the area that will be the literal foundation of your prints. The printer bed is where the extruder anchors the first layer of the filament to establish the base shape of the object. Its a flat plane at the bottom of the frame, with thUltimate Guide to Film Terms:The Definitive Glossary of Film History Terms Hays Code. The Hays Code is a series of censorship restrictions imposed in the 1920s and enforced until the late 1960s. The code stated what could and couldnt be shown in films, such as nakedness, methods of crime, illegal drug use, alleged sexual perversion, and other taboo subjects at

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          Electro-refining the use of electrolysis to improve the purity of the metal extracted from ore. Electro-winning a process that uses electric currents to remove metal ions from liquid solutions, usually to recover precious metals. Endowment the full economic potential of an area due to be mined. F.GLOSSARY OF TERMS/ DEFINITIONS COMMONLY USED GLOSSARY OF TERMS/ DEFINITIONS COMMONLY USED IN IRON & STEEL INDUSTRY (i) Terms Related To IRON:Iron :Iron is a base metal extracted from iron ore. Pure iron has melting point of 1530 Degree Centigrade and density of 7.86 gm/cc. Iron Making :Iron making is the process of Reduction of iron ore using the relevant reducing agent ( Reductant).

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