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3.4 Guinea-Bissau Telecommunications - Logistics Capacity

Guinea-Bissau Telecommunications At present time the telecommunication capacity in Guinea-Bissau is essentially based on mobile telephone network. The landline is not working. The landline communications network have been damaged in the 1987 conflict and deteriorated throughout the instability from 1987 to 2012. Mobile Network Operators

Guinea Bissau - FAO

Guinea Bissau. October 2001. THE MAIN LANDING CENTRES. The main landing centres are Varela, Bolol, Cache, Porto de Barro, Farim/Irabato, Pelinda, Mansoa, Bissau Pobreza, Bula, Catio, Cataban, Gan-Mamadu Bá, Cacine, Canine, Bubaque and Ancopado. Areas are not given as most of them are traditional landing areas, with the exceptions of the Guinea Bissau - United Nations Environment ProgrammeGuinea Bissau has a population of 1.75 million (Table 1). Total production of electricity in 2015 was 13 ktoe with all of it produced from fossil fuels 70.8 50.1 37.4 88.5 7.3 By 2030, Double the rate of improvement of energy effi ciency 7.3.1 GDP per unit of energy use (constant 2011 PPP $ per kg of

Guinea-Bissau - WHO

Guinea-Bissau Country barrier to care); mHealth (the use of mobile devices in delivering health care services); and eLearning (use of ICT for learning)dicators Population (000s) 1 575 Total health expenditure (%GDP) 5.8 ICT Development Index 0.97 Military of Guinea-Bissau Military Wiki Fandom

  • 2010 Guinea-Bissau Military UnrestArmy EquipmentAir ForceNavyReferencesFurther ReadingExternal LinksMajor General Batista Tagme Na Waiewas chief of staff of the Guinea-Bissau armed forces until his assassination in 2009. Military unrest occurred in Guinea-Bissau on 1 April 2010. Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior was placed under house arrest by soldiers, who also detained Army Chief of Staff Zamora Induta. Supporters of Gomes and his party, PAIGC, reacted to the move by demonstrating in the capital, Bissau; Antonio Indjai, the Deputy Chief of Staff, then warned that he would have Gomes killed if the prGuinea-BissauThe African Party for the Independence of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde (PAIGC), the country's only legal party from 1974 to 1991 and the majority party in the National Assembly until the November 1999 elections, won 24 of the 102 seats in the National Assembly, while opposition parties gained a majority.

    Guinea-Bissau Manufacturing Output 1970-2021

    Guinea-Bissau manufacturing output for 2018 was $0.15B, a 7.57% increase from 2017. Guinea-Bissau manufacturing output for 2017 was $0.14B, a 6.14% increase from 2016. Guinea-Bissau manufacturing output for 2016 was $0.13B, a 19.05% increase from 2015. Guinea-Bissau manufacturing output for 2015 was $0.11B, a 14.11% decline from 2014.

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