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Translate this pageJun 14, 2020 · VAT 235154 Throttling Pendulum Vacuum Gate Valve 229351 650 Series Used Working. 1. ea. VAT F03-105962 Pneumatic Slit Valve Matrix System 10 Style 1104 Used Working. 1. ea. VAT Series 65.0 Pendulum Control DN 100 4" Valve Parts Reseller Lot of 12 Used. 1. ea.


Translate this pageButterfly Valve Control System VAT Series 61 C95078 VAT 14044-PE06-0006 Hand-Operated Manual High Vacuum Gate Valve DN160 (6" 849-030363-601 VAT 65, ST Valve O-Ring Kit VAT 650 Pendulum Isolation Valve 100mm Downstream Pressure Controller w/Acutator Back Pressure Valve with External Sensor Line Series 510 Back Pressure Valve with External Sensor Line Series 510, Ductile Body Bulletin SSIN057 Issue/Rev. 0.1 (1/19) Notes:*6" Only; 26 sq. in. Topworks for 40-60 and 60-125 Spring Range; 65 sq. in. Topworks for 0-25 and 20-40 Spring Range; 2", 3" and 4" Valves; 26 sq. in. Topworks **Containment pressure is maximum working pressure and is limited by the

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Apr 18, 2019 · control system pressure control and isolation valves with extended control range based on the pendulum principle for downstream applications compared to series 650 series 651 achieves considerably shorter pressure rise times at low gas flows compact design fast virtually particle free and shock free operation, flow control valve rfu 482 1 rfu Furon Teflon Valve Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Furon Teflon Valve at the best online prices at !

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Series 650, DN 320-400 (I.D. 12-16") VAT Vakuumventile AG, CH-9469 Haag, Switzerland Tel +41 81 771 61 61 Fax +41 81 771 48 30 [email protected] vatvalve 230985EI 2010-09-27 5/19 2 Installation 2.1 Unpacking As this valve is a heavy component you should lift it with adequate equipment to prevent any injury to humans. Pendulum Gate Valve Rebuild ProcedurePendulum Gate Valve Rebuild Procedure Rev. B, April, 2006 This procedure covers the Nor-Cal Pendulum Gate Valve rebuild, with the gate valve housing installed on the system. This procedure applies to 200mm, 250mm, and 350mm Gate Valves, including the Throttling Gate Valve (TPV) and Standard & Symmetric (mirror-image) versions.

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Pendulum Valve. Looking for Pendulum Valve for sale online? Trying to find Pendulum Valve or relevant items? This website showcases an enormouse collection of Tractor, along with listings such as John Deere, Tractor Plow, Farm Tractor, Tractor Engine, and much extra.Browse our sizable selection of Tractor, or try a simple search for a particular Pendulum Valve using the search. Pendulum Valves Code15Pendulum Valves Code15. The Conflow Code 15 - Pendulum Valve regulates the flow of fluid by movement of a vertically hanging paddle. In its vertical, free hanging position the valve is closed. When a moving load contacts the paddle it swings away from the vertical. This movement causes a cam to rotate which opens a button valve allowing the

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Series 65 Comparison Series 650 / Series 651 Control range Minimum controllable conductance Pressure rise time (up to setpoint) VAT has a software «Valve Evaluation Tool» to determine the most suitable product for a specific application. Please contact us to assist you when selecting a product. *) approx. upper pressure limit (depending on pump size, pump type and customer system) Control range pressure Pendulum:Valve Controller SoC Demo - NXP CommunityAug 11, 2015 · The Valves Controller SoC familly integrates high precision regulated valves. Through the standalone Demo called "Pendulum", we will show how our devices can control an entire hydraulyc / pneumatic system. It is composed by some proportional / digital valves and a compressor managed by using only an SPI communication.

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Oct 06, 2016 · The SB0410 and SB0800 integrated valve drivers have current regulation or PWM mode. The safe switching off mode provides safety and robustness. There is a SPI interface to command all functions as well as fault management (under/overvoltage, over temp, open load, over-current). All evaluation hardware and software is available for Plug-and-Play Product Data Sheet September 2018 PD 625 Valve The PD 625 Valve Control Module is specially designed to control the various types of Damcos valve actuators in the marine environment either by a solenoid valve(s) or via an LPU (Local Power Unit). The PD 625 Valve Control Module is part of the 600 series controllers and IO modules. The PD 625 Valve Control

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Series 65 Basic Valve. The OCV Basic Control Valve 65 Globe and 65 Angle is a full port engineered valve. When equipped with a variety of pilots and accessories the valve performs a wide range of automatic fluid control, making it a specified valve in municipal water, fire protection, irrigation, industrial, petroleum and aviation fueling systems. Series 651 - CCS ServicesPendulum valve control system Series 65 VAT Vakuumventile AG, CH-9469 Haag, Switzerland Tel ++41 81 771 61 61 Fax ++41 81 771 48 30 vatvalve 99 Series 65 B

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Intellisys pendulum valves offer the user outstanding pressure control performance with the convenience and space savings of an on-valve mounted controller. US6409149B1 - Dual pendulum valve assembly with valve A dual pendulum valve assembly for connecting a process chamber and a vacuum pump of a semiconductor manufacturing system. The valve assembly includes an isolation valve for sealing an opening to the pump during cleaning of the system and an annular cover for protecting a valve seat of the opening to the pump during use of the system. In particular, the valve assembly includes a

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An example of an existing valve assembly is a Series 65 pendulum valve from VAT Vakuumventile AG of Haag Switzerland. As illustrated by the line II of the graph of FIG. 6, when the Series 65 pendulum valve is first opened, the flow through the valve changes little then transitions to a relatively rapid change in flow over a relatively VAT 88773-R1 650 Series Pendulum Gate Valve Motor Driver VAT 88773-R1 650 Series Pendulum Gate Valve Motor Driver Board PCB 88 791 Used. Inventory # A-12819. This VAT 88773-R1 650 Series Pendulum Gate Valve Motor Driver Board PCB 88 791 is used working surplus. The physical condition is good, but there

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The physical condition is good, but there are signs of previous use and handling. Type:98800. Serial numbers or country of manufacture may vary. Model No:Series 65.0. These products are subject to export restrictions under U.S. law. Vat Pm7 Manualdocx 1 vacuum chamber pm technique vat series 65 pendulum valve in place objective to effectively pm the vat series 65 pendulum valve in a timely manner while mounted in place minimizing equipment down time and improving

Pendulum valve control system Series 65 Series 650

Pendulum valve control system Series 65 - Valve need not be removed from the system for maintenance - Fast removal and reinstallation of pendulum plate and sealing ring for cleaning

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