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In this study, the chemical composition of API X70 pipeline steel plate, microstructure and mechanical properties of the welded joints of same steel plates exposed to ambient air and seawater respectively were investigated. It was found that the base metal consisted of manganese (0.51wt% Mn), low carbon content (0.051 wt% C) and small Keywords

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B, X42, X46 and X52, X56, X60, X70 and X80, now the big steel mills and factories have developed steel grade for X100 and X120 measures of pipeline steel. Steel pipe of higher steel grade, relatively have higher requirement of raw materials and production, the carbon equivalent between different grade of steel is strictly controlled. API 5L Pipe Specifications (Seamless and Welded ) - Enpro PipeAPI 5L is the standard specification for the samless and welded steel pipes for use in pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries. It includes the requirements for the manufacture of two product specification level (PSL1 and PSL2) API 5L is not applicable to cast pipe. Seamless Pipe. LSAW Pipe.

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PSL 1 is a standard quality for line pipe where PSL 2 contains additional chemical, mechanical properties, and testing requirements. Grades covered by this specification are A25, A, B and "X" Grades X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, and X80. The two digit number following the "X" indicates the Minimum Yield Strength (in 000's psi) of pipe API 5L X70 PSL2 PipeAPI 5L X70 PSL2 Seamless Pipe he American Petroleum Institute specification API 5L X70 PSL2 Pipe covers seamless and welded steel line pipe.This is steel pipe for pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries. API 5L is suitable for conveying gas, water, and oil. Size range is

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API 5L X70 Pipe Chemical Requirements. For each reduction of 0.0 I% below the specified maximum carbon content, an increase of 0.05% above the specified maximum manganese content is permissible, up to a maximum of 1.50% for Grades API 5L X42, X46 & X52, up to a maximum of 1.65% for grades higher than X52 butt less than X70 like API 5L X56, X60 API 5LX42 steel pipe,API 5L X42 Chemical Composition,API API 5LX42 steel application:suitable for use in conveying gas, water, and oil in both the oil and natural gas industries. API 5LX42 Chemical Composition:PSL 1 API 5L X42 Chemical Composition

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API 5L Grade X70 PSL1 Line Pipe, API 5L Gr X70 SAW / LSAW Pipes supplier. Along with supplying the API 5L X70 Seamless Pipes, we also stock carbon steel based welded pipes. We can supply the ISO 3183 L485 Pipe in either of the fore mentioned forms. Generally the FBE Coated API 5L X70 PSL 1 is used as a reference for all line based piping API X 70 Grade HR Coils for ERW PipesFeb 02, 2013 · Alloy Design Alloy chemistry was designed not only to achieve the aimed properties of API X 70 HR coils as shown in Table 1 which ensured meeting the end properties required in a API X 70 grade linepipe, but also it ensured that the operating window of steel processing for API X 70 grade is suitable for BSL conditions of steel making, casting and the hot rolling processes.

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  • AbstractIntroductionMaterials and MethodsResults and DiscussionConclusionAcknowledgmentAPI X70 pipeline steel with a rectangular shape and dimension of 1cm length and 1cm width was employed in this study. The main chemical compositions for this steel were 0.04% C, 1.70% Mn, 0.035% , 0.035% , and 0.55% ; all these elements were in mass percent. Arabian Gulf seawater was brought from the Arabian Gulf at Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The electrochemical measurements were collected using a conventional electrochemical cell with a three-electrode configuration. The API X70 pipeline steel rod, Influence of Steel Chemistry and Field Girth Welding Jan 15, 2021 · Mohammadijoo, M, Collins, L, Rashid, M, & Arafin, M. "Influence of Steel Chemistry and Field Girth Welding Procedure on Performance of API X70 Line Pipe Steels." Proceedings of the 2020 13th International Pipeline Conference. Volume 3:Operations, Monitoring, and Maintenance; Materials and Joining. Virtual, Online. September 2830, 2020. Ceria/Acrylic Polymer Microgel Composite:Synthesis Apr 25, 2017 · Ceria/poly(acrylic acid) microgel composite with anticorrosion potential has been synthesized via an in situ polymerization method. This polymer composite matrix has demonstrated significant reduction in API 5L X70 steel corrosion in 0.5 M HCl. In-depth studies of the anticorrosion properties of this microgel have been conducted by corrosion electrochemistry, and its adsorption on

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    Apr 28, 2021 · API X70 parent material toughness at 20 °C was 281 J. Microstructural variations can be attributed to the reduction in impact toughness with increasing cooling rate. At the higher cooling rate (5062.5 °Cs 1), the microstructure is completely bainitic. However, at slow cooling rate, ferrite dominant microstructure was observed. Development of API X70 Grade Hot Rolled (HR) Coils for May 01, 2016 · In the recent past, API X70 grade HR coils for ERW pipes were successfully developed at BSL based on ferrite-pearlite microstructure having Nb-V-Cr based steel chemistry, where the required tensile properties need to be achieved in transverse direction (at 90°) of the strip.

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    API 5L Seamless Grades B, X42, X52, X60, X65, X70. We can help supply all of the High Yield Seamless API 5L steel pipe or line pipe supplies that your company needs for use in the oil or natural gas industries. API 5L Line Pipe Specifications for these pipes regulate usage for standard Grade A and Grade B pipes, with Grade X indicating X70 ( AISI, ASTM, UNS) - Worldwide equivalent gradesChemical composition and properties of european equivalents (EN) for X70 (USA, AISI, ASTM, UNS):L485MB (1.8977) , X70 (USA, AISI, ASTM, UNS ) - European (EU, EN) and wordwide Steel equivalent grades. These comparison table is only intended as an indication of the closest khown equivalent grades.

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    API 5L X70 pipe is a premium grade piping material in API 5L standard specifications. Also called L485 pipe, as its yield strength minimum in 485 Mpa (70,300 psi). API 5L X70 covers manufacturing types in seamless and welded (ERW, SAW) types, both applied for oil and gas transmissions. It contains two product specification levels PSL1, PSL2.

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